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YokeyPokey, a Virtual Reality gaming and birthday party arcade, is by popular ask offering our VR related educational classes starting end of October. VR ARCHITECTS – DESIGN, CREATE AND IMPLEMENT A VIRTUAL REALITY WORLD class from the spring is back with an 8-course schedule of every Thursday 4-5:30pm. Students will have the opportunity to design, model and build their own 3D environment and bring it into a VR world. By the end of the class students have a final project they can demo to friends and family! https://yokeypokey.com/vrarchitects/

Our newest addition is for all of the artsy kids out there, called VR ART STUDIO CLASS – CREATE ARTWORK ON A 360° CANVAS this class. In this VR Art Studio Class, the Virtual Picassos are introduced to different themes, styles, aesthetic and techniques of the masters. In addition to theory, students will be exposed to how artists’ masterpieces were recreated in a Virtual Reality world brush stroke by brush stroke. Students will learn and explore inside these paintings, recreate works of art in the same style and then create their own unique paintings. Class is offered either Monday or Tuesday. https://yokeypokey.com/vrartstudio/ All classes combine an element of education and fun.  Each class consists of 1 hour of learning and ½ hour of VR play.

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