The Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church Day School

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The Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church Day School is a non-sectarian early childhood program serving children through age 5 and their families. An active member of the community since 1949, the MAPCDS program draws from a time-honored understanding of child development which has evolved alongside modern research on brain development to meet the needs of the current world climate and incorporate the skills and sensibilities children need to thrive in our times. Our dynamic program is inspired by the work of educators in Reggio Emilia, Italy who hold a strong image of the child as a capable being with endless potential, who should be allowed to follow her interests and ask his own questions, and find answers through social learning and thoughtful teacher support.

Teachers skillfully embed early literacy, mathematical foundations and science into the curriculum which meets children’s interests. Relationships and community building is at the heart of what we do and fosters a feeling of identity and belonging in both children and their families. The Day School seeks to provide these educational opportunities to an ethnically, economically and religiously diverse community which reflects the population of New York City. MAP Church membership is not required to apply.

The Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church Day School
921 Madison Avenue
New York
NY 10021

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