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Our focus on Joyous Learning! The Cathedral School’s Preschool Program understands that preschool students learn best when in an intriguing, fun, and welcoming environment. Our aim is to address the needs of the whole child: intellectual, social, emotional, and physical through the use of developmentally appropriate instruction that makes the most of their incredible energy and curiosity. The curriculum is based on weekly thematic units, which are varied throughout the year. In every thematic unit we consistently work on the following areas of learning: Writing, Concepts of Print, Name Building, Fine Motor skills, Gross Motor skills, Pre-math activities, Relationship Words, Social Awareness, Responsibility, Spatial Skills, Art and Music.  Our preschool program is full of enrichment activities taught by our highly trained “specials” instructors. Students attend art class, physical education class, foreign language and two different music programs. These programs are carefully crafted to introduce our preschool students to the wonders of learning. We invite you to visit us and to learn more about what makes The Cathedral School so special.

The Cathedral School Preschool
319 East 74th Street
New York, NY 10021

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