Brooklyn Game Lab

Now in TriBeCa and Park Slope! Brooklyn Game Lab’s after school program for kids (ages 7 – 13). Kids learn and play a large variety of modern board games. They also revise, design, playtest, and add original details to these games. After school runs from 3:30 – 6 pm, with school pick up available.
In a typical session, a game is introduced, and kids play. Then the real fun begins. Kids deconstruct it using critical thinking skills. They design new ways to play thru new rules, new characters, and other changes. They present these modifications to the group, and get helpful feedback on their ideas. Kids also earn merits when they demonstrate skills like sportsmanship, good design, tactical thinking, and mastering the game. Kids level up as they acquire merits. When they reach Level 7, they’ve earned their way onto our original, mega-game that we play across the Labs at the end of each after school session. The game is over 800 kids strong!
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