Blue School

Blue School, at its founding, set out to reimagine education for children in our changing world. As the world develops at a greatly accelerated pace, Blue School’s primary purpose is to combine the best educational practices with the most current innovative approaches to learning that are steeped in human development and neuroscience. A guiding question we always consider is, “What is the best way for us, as a school, to prepare our students for an unknown future?” In each period of history, changes in our environment have shaped what it takes to be sustainable and harmonious and Blue School strives to achieve this alignment. Building upon the newest research about learning, the need for collaboration and flexibility in the workplace, and the impact of social and self-intelligence’s role in creating a vibrant learning environment to inspire lifelong learning, Blue School has developed an approach to education that balances academic mastery, self and social intelligence and creative thinking. We believe equilibrium among these three domains is needed in education to help children develop to their fullest potential.
Blue School
241 Water Street
New York
NY 10038
Website | 212 228 6341

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