Back to Dance School for Tots, Too!

Back to Dance School for Tots, Too!

Pay What You Wish Weekend! On September 14 & 15

Cumbe opens up for a new semester of African-based dance classes for kids

(Brooklyn, NY,  August 26, 2019) — As the season transforms into the colorful scheme of fall, Cumbe: Center for African and Diaspora Dance re-opens Cumbe Kidz classes with the introduction of a brand new culture and movement experiences and Pay What You Wish Weekend! On September 14 & 15, families can come check out music, movement and culture classes for their children 2-4 years old. This weekend gives parents and kids the opportunity to discover new classes and find the right technique that works for them! Register online or in person! Each class is pay what you wish during this weekend. So take advantage and try them all!

We’re excited to announce a brand new movement and culture experience called Rhythm Nation with Resident Dance Teaching Artist, Dani Criss. Explore the versatile and vivacious rhythms and movement of the African Diaspora. From the traditional vibrations of West African Djembe, to the electric bass in Janet Jackson’s “Rhythm Nation.” Participants will receive a fun, educational, energetic experience. Each class includes a musical warm-up, a body awareness stretch, movement exploration and a jam session. Caretakers should come prepared to participate in the fun!

Fall Schedule:
Saturdays @9:30-10:15am – Capoeira
Saturdays @10:30-11:15am – Conga Kids
Sundays @10:15-11:00am – Rhythm Nation

We look forward to seeing you there! Visit for more information.

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