A Guide to the Best NYC Private Schools

There are so many fantastic private schools in New York City, and it’s important to do your research before applying to find a school that has all of the elements that are of importance to you and your family. Below are some amazing schools, so click on the website link at the bottom of each listing to find out more.

BASIS Independent Brooklyn

BASIS Independent Brooklyn, a PreK–grade 12 private school, offers a liberal arts and sciences curriculum inspired by best practices from top school systems worldwide that educates students at the highest international levels. Passionate, expert teachers who have professional expertise or advanced degrees in their subjects lead every class—from Mandarin and engineering to fine arts and advanced mathematics, and more. Our program drives content mastery while helping students grow comfortable with challenge, learn to value hard work, and feel a sense of ownership over their own success. We also offer a robust selection of extracurricular offerings where students can uncover new interests and talents, build friendships, participate in the surrounding community, and compete in local, national, and international competitions. At BASIS Independent Brooklyn, we believe students can achieve more than what is typically expected of them, and we work to foster a joyful learning culture that celebrates those achievements.

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BASIS Independent Brooklyn
556 Columbia Street
Brooklyn, New York 11231

Website | Email | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube(917) 473-1615

The British International School of New York

The British International School of New York is a private school for students from Nursery (2 yrs 9 months) to High School.
Our curriculum in the primary and middle years provides a balanced combination of the content and rigor of the English National Curriculum, delivered through the creative and inquiry based International Baccalaureate Primary Years and Middle Years Program. This enables all students to be both stretched and supported and to reach their highest potential, all within an atmosphere that is welcoming and encouraging, and where they relish learning. It also enables all students to enjoy a truly global curriculum which is both proven and highly portable to their next place of education, be it here in New York, back in the UK or elsewhere in the world. Our placement record is testimony to our approach and the happiness and success that BIS-NY students carry with them.
We are also authorized by Cambridge International Examinations (the non-teaching assessment arm of Cambridge University) to offer their highly respected High School program of IGCSEs and A levels. These courses provide an exceptional foundation for higher education and beyond and we are delighted to be the only school in the city offering this world class curriculum.

20 Waterside Plaza,
New York, New York
Website | Email | Facebook | Twitter | +1 (212) 481-2700

Dwight School

A Personalized World-Class Education Begins Here
Founded in 1872, Dwight is a leading, nursery-grade 12 private school located on the Upper West Side. Dedicated to igniting the spark of genius in every child, Dwight faculty craft a personalized educational journey for each student based on his/her interests, talents, and passions. We are proud to have one of the lowest student-faculty ratios among NYC independent schools.
Our warm, nurturing preschool is the ideal environment for children to have their first positive classroom experience beginning as early as 3 months–2.5 years in our Wee Wonder and Small Wonder Programs. Our preschool, which begins with 2s, was the first in the City to offer the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program.
Educating Global Leaders and Entrepreneurs
Dwight is the first in the Americas to offer the full IB curriculum from preschool–grade 12, which is recognized worldwide as the “gold standard” in pre-university preparation.
Language learning begins early with Mandarin and Spanish in preschool and we offer instruction in 14 languages. We open the door for students to enjoy enriching cultural exchange programs through our global network of schools in London, Seoul, Shanghai, and Dubai.
We nurture young entrepreneurs through our Spark Tank incubator and a range of innovative curricular programs designed to foster creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving skills, preparing graduates for the jobs of the future. Take a tour and attend an open house to find out what makes Dwight so special!

Preschool and Kindergarten
144 Riverside Boulevard
New York, NY 10069
Grades 1-12
291 Central Park West
New York, NY 10024
Website | Email | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | 212.724-6360

BASIS Independent Manhattan

At BASIS Independent Manhattan, a PreK–grade 8 private school, students are inspired to learn at the highest international levels in a time-tested liberal arts and sciences curriculum built from the top educational systems in the world. Our program is centered on the belief that students can do more than what is typically expected of them and offers a robust schedule of courses, including Mandarin, music, engineering, humanities, advanced math, performing arts, and more. Expert teachers lead each subject, using their expertise and enthusiasm for their discipline to help students discover their passions and grow into excellent problem solvers poised to tackle whatever comes their way. We work to facilitate a joyful learning culture where hard work is celebrated and intellectual pursuits result in extraordinary outcomes.

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BASIS Independent Manhattan
795 Columbus Avenue
New York, NY 10025
(347) 305-4960

Website | Email | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

Rudolf Steiner School

The gift of a Waldorf Education
Waldorf education is nearly a century old, and New York’s Rudolf Steiner School, founded in 1928, has been there almost since the beginning. Our curriculum engages thinking, feeling and the ability to work with one’s hands. A Rudolf Steiner graduate enters the world with the ability to analyze objectively, work collaboratively, be a leader and seek creative solutions.
A new kind of creative thinker
Our students know themselves: each Rudolf Steiner graduate’s journey builds determination and courage as they conquer challenges, develop solutions and apply cross disciplinary skills. Waldorf education develops the ability to impart purpose and direction in life. The results? Our students are critical, creative thinkers.
Intellectual agility in a complex world
The Rudolf Steiner School is an environment where science, music, and math intertwine; where nimble fingers lead to nimble minds; where immersion in arts and academics allow for deeper understanding. Our students synthesize both minute data and complex concepts with confidence.
Rudolf Steiner School
15 East 78th Street,
New York, NY 10075
Website | 212.535.2130

Trevor Day School

Founded in 1930, Trevor Day School is a Nursery through Grade 12 independent day school that expertly facilitates inquiry-based learning to drive deep comprehension and a love for learning. Students at Trevor acquire a lasting understanding of the subjects they study by engaging in investigations, activities, and highly contextualized discussions and lessons.

Students’ inquiry takes center stage in a Trevor classroom, which not only allows them to learn more, but also develops an appreciation of learning, and critical habits of mind they can take with them out into the world. When you meet our talented students, observe our devoted teachers, and interact with our accomplished graduates, the power of a Trevor education is evident, and profound.
Trevor enrolls 800 students in a coeducational setting on two campuses on the Upper West Side and Upper East Side of Manhattan. Trevor’s rigorous college preparatory curriculum is designed to confer academic mastery while students develop the self-confidence, original perspective, and perseverance to thrive in any idea-rich arena. Perceptive and flexible teachers, highly collaborative team-building spaces, an inclusive and grounded family culture, and daily opportunities for interpersonal and intellectual interaction transform Trevor students into proactive agents of their own learning.
Nursery – 5

1 W 88th St – 212.426.3300


312 E 95th St – 212.426.3360

York Prep

At York Prep, we offer individualized education to help every student explore their unique potential. We call this concept “Your York.”
Exploring Your Child’s Potential with Individualized Education
Your York means that every class you take is adjusted to the level that will both challenge you and allow you to succeed. If that means creating a one-student class to teach math three years above grade-level standards, we will create that class.
Your York means that if a student is struggling or requires advanced placement in more than one subject, the teachers have already met and are collaborating on how to get that student reach to his or her full potential.
Your York means that if a student has a passion (whether it’s fencing, sports broadcasting, or robotics) and is willing to work at it, we will create opportunities for them to pursue their interest through individualized education. We will support them with the resources they need so that the only limit to what they can achieve will be their own drive and work ethic.
York Prep’s focus is YOU.

York Preparatory School
40 West 68 Street
New York, NY 10023
Website | (212) 362-0400

The Berkeley Carroll School

Berkeley Carroll is a vibrant, independent, preK through 12th grade college prep school where students develop their critical, ethical and global thinking in and out of the classroom.
Walk through our halls and you’ll see classes where teachers engage and challenge students and intellectual curiosity is encouraged, with students investigating, performing, sharing insights and perspectives, asking questions, and solving real-world problems.
After they graduate, our students go on to thrive at the world’s most selective and admired colleges and universities.
Centrally located in Park Slope, Brooklyn, our school attracts families from all parts of New York City and New Jersey and provides free bus service for students.
Berkeley Carroll fosters a culture where students:

  • strive for academic excellence and enrich their learning with opportunities to excel in the creative arts and athletics.
  • discover their passions, develop their inner voices and begin to make sense of their place in the world.
  • express and take a personal responsibility for shaping a just and peaceful world.

An emphasis on respect and caring for individuals makes our diverse, inclusive community an extraordinarily strong one.
We are deeply committed to developing ethical and critical thinkers who are exceptionally prepared to lead and succeed in an increasingly complex and changing world.
Website | Email | 718.789.6060

Blue School

Blue School, at its founding, set out to reimagine education for children in our changing world. As the world develops at a greatly accelerated pace, Blue School’s primary purpose is to combine the best educational practices with the most current innovative approaches to learning that are steeped in human development and neuroscience. A guiding question we always consider is, “What is the best way for us, as a school, to prepare our students for an unknown future?” In each period of history, changes in our environment have shaped what it takes to be sustainable and harmonious and Blue School strives to achieve this alignment. Building upon the newest research about learning, the need for collaboration and flexibility in the workplace, and the impact of social and self-intelligence’s role in creating a vibrant learning environment to inspire lifelong learning, Blue School has developed an approach to education that balances academic mastery, self and social intelligence and creative thinking. We believe equilibrium among these three domains is needed in education to help children develop to their fullest potential.

Blue School
241 Water Street
New York
NY 10038
Website | 212 228 6341

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